Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2011’


While Arnold is the dish of the day, and Cannes is neutralizing Nazis, LinkedIn CashedIn this morning on the exchange. I’ll admit it, I use LinkedIn, albeit with a sense of hesitancy and un-surefootedness. Trying to remember the last time something other than a “professionalized” adolescent “Facebook-type” interaction came as a result, I was struck by the realization that I couldn’t even remember the first time something of use came from it.  At this moment it is climbing above $80 per share.  Have we really just become adolescent “facebookers” disguised as adults, selling professional wares, much as adolescents share gossip, music, likes and dislikes?  Or, is it a tool of productivity and commerce? Professional vanity?  Are we buying from each other, or are we all buying from LinkedIn as a randy set of customers?  As with all things digital these days, we need to be onboard this train…even if it might not leave the station.