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We are Getting a Delivery, But Pizza it Isn’t.

Citizen Cain’s stock is rising like a tide of the high cholesterol toppings on a Godfather’s Pizza.  And while Michelle Bachman warns against his 9-9-9 (because when inverted it is the mark of the beast), what Cain is trying to force down our throats is something other than pepperoni – though it will provide the attendant heartburn.  Virtually every economist who has studied his plan says it means most taxpayers will have to shell out more dough.  It is good for some, however. Such as himself.  Poor and middle incomers spend most of what they have to live, while the wealthiest (and no, no matter how you like to think of yourself, you are not one of them) save and thus do not incur the 9% VAT he proposes.  Mainstream Americans simply love “simplicity,”  That’s why we eat so much Pizza, but running a pizza parlor – no matter how many you operate – is hardly preparation for leading the free world.   Sometimes we must bite the hand that feeds us.