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ACT NOW! Congress is Becoming Big Brother (Again)

Terrible things are afoot.  YOUR congress is again trying to shut down YOUR Internet freedom.  Two HUGELY important bills seek to abolish YOUR RIGHTS to search and read anything you desire on the Internet.  Nazis banned books. Are we not intelligent enough ourselves to determine what we will or will not read?  Will you give your rights away?  If we speak up now, we can continue to speak.  If we don’t speak up now, we will have lost our voice.  Russia, Malaysia, Syria and China have similar controls on the Internet – PLEASE take a moment right now to email your Senators and Congressional Representative.  It is easy and fast.  Simply use this link to have it forwarded automatically:

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Rick Perry = Texas Toast

Rick Perry has been serving up a rasher of BIG, Texas-Style verbal delectables in his quest to be the GOP’s new sheriff in town.  Despite his inability to clearly explain almost anything he tries to say, he believes America will still view him as “one of us” – a regular guy.  Sure, we all forget what side our bread is buttered on from time to time, but at the debate last night he
stuck the butter knife straight through his own heart.  For those who have been amazed at his political machine, funded and operated by cronies who hope to tell him what to do when elected, his eminent lack of ability to answer a question, remember his plan, think-through an issue or demonstrate any intellectual depth or agility should be clear by now (remind you of another Texas gunslinger on the loaf?).  Even if you warm to the swagger and bravado because it conjures up the idea of the rugged individualist, America really deserves and requires more.  Let’s just all admit it: Perry is Texas Toast.