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Why “Don’t reinvent the wheel” is a not where our heads should be.

Recently I was struck by an unusual adaptation of [Green-Collar] thinking in the world of paper-product manufacturing. Scott has announced toilet paper without the usual core cardboard tubing, to curious reviews. However, their shareholders quickly recognized the benefit to their bottom line. Amortized across years, the savings in both [environmental damage] as well as financial gain should make us all take notice. By some estimates, tens of millions of dollars will be saved annually, and given this is a multi-billion dollar business, the results are exponential. Here is an example of the wheel being reinvented to the betterment of both planet and pocket-book. Apply this [creative] approach to your work daily, be it in terms of product or service. Often there are many gains to be made from that which currently exists – If we never reinvent the wheel, we would never have gears, hard-discs or Hula-Hoops.

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