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Brain-Scrubbing: Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Our heads are like attics.  They are filled with uncommitted, unstudied and unclear decisions and positions.  More than blowing the dust off, Brain-Scrubbing this spring encourages a clearer path and cleaner mental storehouse – where there is clarity and room to flex.  What to do?  1.  Make clear the desired end-result of your decisions.  Making specific statements to yourself that clearly define the outcome you seek will influence your brain to “look” for solutions in a more targeted fashion.  2. Clarify decisions so that all team or family members understand the intended outcomes of the decision.  When there are differences in understanding the decision, others who influence its implementation generally go at it different ways – there is a lack of coherence.  3.  Filter and prioritize the relevancy of information you consider.  By doing so you can more readily make a decision without being overwhelmed with what is actually peripheral.  Assess your decision as you proceed towards reaching its outcome, but commit to your decision and change it only if a strong sea-change in the environment occurs.  Taking hold of these responsibilities will build your respect among others, and you’ll be on your way to a less-encumbered mind above the rafters.

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