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Vision without “Action” is really just Hallucination

Ok, so you have decided, or have been badgered by your boss, to sit down and write a personal vision for your career or maybe it was for your home life?  Maybe your retirement days?  You have developed a good-looking, reasonable idea of what you want it to look like in the next 5-10, 20+ years.  Of course you feel proud – because you have often read about the importance of this step from others over the years, and now you, too, are “one of them.”  Sure, you have developed many such visions for a product or service on the job, but now you have something meaningful directly regarding YOUR own state of intended success. Half-congratulations!  Now comes the difficult part – establishing a logical, specific, measurable, time-limited series of actions and related outcomes to get you there.   So…everything in writing, and posted on the upper corner of your computer screen, iPad, smartphone for easy review, refinement and clarification is the critical next step – lest it become a simple, intellectual game.  Re-thinking and reviewing this plan at least partially each day, no matter the crush of deadlines, ensures you begin and continue to “re-wire” and build new neuropathways in your brain to support and reinforce your behaviors towards your vision.  It is this critical link – action with idea – that makes movement possible.  We are actually changing our brains to support and seek out opportunities specific to our vision.  Leave the Hallucination for the Grateful Dead.  Visit www.PaulCardenas.Com to “see” into your future.

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Paul CardenasPaul Cardenas is Leadership and Organizational Development Coach and Practitioner. The author of numerous Professional and Scholarly articles, his passion is helping people to develop a profound personal vision for their career and family life. Paul travels and delivers to individuals and organizations in many places around the globe. In his free time, Paul is an active philanthropist focusing on establishing small health oriented community based organizations and innovative charter schools.View all posts by Paul Cardenas