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Thuggery? – London Burns with more than Fire

Ablaze in London is more than a few buildings.  The real fire seethes in the hearts and minds of the city’s marginalized masses.  Sure, the leadership can employ the blame by slight of hand – simply urging the world to view this uprising as due to a bunch of “Thugs.”  But this does a disservice by encouraging one to expediently write-off the depth of what is simmering as something simple and asks us all to look at the left hand, while the right hand makes the “switch.”  Thousands upon thousands of young people burning buildings and tossing cars have something to say – but the British Government doesn’t want to ask the question.  No matter the “mis-direction” of Britain’s leaders, Thuggery is an inadequate explanation for the events we are witnessing.  Unemployment, economic austerity, a crumbling expectation that next year will be better than the last for the disaffected – these are ethos-impacting troubles fueling fires as much as is the molotov… Let’s not leave the performance believing the tiger really turned into a beautiful woman.

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