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Farewell Hitch – You Made us (somewhat) Better

Christopher Hitchens is dead of complications of his Cancer.  Hitch led a life inspired by the words “if you are not pissed off, then you are not paying attention.”  Thank you for your righteous indignation, your ferocious unwillingness to accept what politicians and deified leaders have hypnotized us to believe.  Thank you for being the Knight of the Mirror for all the Don Quixote among us – for forcing a rewiring of our conscience to call-out abuse, falsehood, subterfuge and outright lying from our leaders.  Whether we agreed with him or not on any particular vehemence he espoused, he forced our very being from the seat of moral, intellectual and political inaction.  Were YOU one who simply got angry and disagreed with his vociferous expletives, or were you one who became “better” as a result?  Not enough could handle his brand of vitriol, and thus lost out on the many essential realizations he shared with us.  And so we all lose something of what could be: a more enriched dialogue.   Hitch encouraged our discontent with the “expected normal” of our society, and pressed us all for a more in-depth reflection on what we are being sold – and often, too,  how we can easily become peddlers and panderers of the same.  He taught us we cannot ignore social injustice, but that we must speak out.  Thank you Christopher Hitchens… and travel well.  You made us (somewhat) better.

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