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Farewell Hitch – You Made us (somewhat) Better

Christopher Hitchens is dead of complications of his Cancer.  Hitch led a life inspired by the words “if you are not pissed off, then you are not paying attention.”  Thank you for your righteous indignation, your ferocious unwillingness to accept what politicians and deified leaders have hypnotized us to believe.  Thank you for being the Knight of the Mirror for all the Don Quixote among us – for forcing a rewiring of our conscience to call-out abuse, falsehood, subterfuge and outright lying from our leaders.  Whether we agreed with him or not on any particular vehemence he espoused, he forced our very being from the seat of moral, intellectual and political inaction.  Were YOU one who simply got angry and disagreed with his vociferous expletives, or were you one who became “better” as a result?  Not enough could handle his brand of vitriol, and thus lost out on the many essential realizations he shared with us.  And so we all lose something of what could be: a more enriched dialogue.   Hitch encouraged our discontent with the “expected normal” of our society, and pressed us all for a more in-depth reflection on what we are being sold – and often, too,  how we can easily become peddlers and panderers of the same.  He taught us we cannot ignore social injustice, but that we must speak out.  Thank you Christopher Hitchens… and travel well.  You made us (somewhat) better.

ACT NOW! Congress is Becoming Big Brother (Again)

Terrible things are afoot.  YOUR congress is again trying to shut down YOUR Internet freedom.  Two HUGELY important bills seek to abolish YOUR RIGHTS to search and read anything you desire on the Internet.  Nazis banned books. Are we not intelligent enough ourselves to determine what we will or will not read?  Will you give your rights away?  If we speak up now, we can continue to speak.  If we don’t speak up now, we will have lost our voice.  Russia, Malaysia, Syria and China have similar controls on the Internet – PLEASE take a moment right now to email your Senators and Congressional Representative.  It is easy and fast.  Simply use this link to have it forwarded automatically:

Please share this link with others (while you still can)


Rick Perry = Texas Toast

Rick Perry has been serving up a rasher of BIG, Texas-Style verbal delectables in his quest to be the GOP’s new sheriff in town.  Despite his inability to clearly explain almost anything he tries to say, he believes America will still view him as “one of us” – a regular guy.  Sure, we all forget what side our bread is buttered on from time to time, but at the debate last night he
stuck the butter knife straight through his own heart.  For those who have been amazed at his political machine, funded and operated by cronies who hope to tell him what to do when elected, his eminent lack of ability to answer a question, remember his plan, think-through an issue or demonstrate any intellectual depth or agility should be clear by now (remind you of another Texas gunslinger on the loaf?).  Even if you warm to the swagger and bravado because it conjures up the idea of the rugged individualist, America really deserves and requires more.  Let’s just all admit it: Perry is Texas Toast.

We are Getting a Delivery, But Pizza it Isn’t.

Citizen Cain’s stock is rising like a tide of the high cholesterol toppings on a Godfather’s Pizza.  And while Michelle Bachman warns against his 9-9-9 (because when inverted it is the mark of the beast), what Cain is trying to force down our throats is something other than pepperoni – though it will provide the attendant heartburn.  Virtually every economist who has studied his plan says it means most taxpayers will have to shell out more dough.  It is good for some, however. Such as himself.  Poor and middle incomers spend most of what they have to live, while the wealthiest (and no, no matter how you like to think of yourself, you are not one of them) save and thus do not incur the 9% VAT he proposes.  Mainstream Americans simply love “simplicity,”  That’s why we eat so much Pizza, but running a pizza parlor – no matter how many you operate – is hardly preparation for leading the free world.   Sometimes we must bite the hand that feeds us.

Thuggery? – London Burns with more than Fire

Ablaze in London is more than a few buildings.  The real fire seethes in the hearts and minds of the city’s marginalized masses.  Sure, the leadership can employ the blame by slight of hand – simply urging the world to view this uprising as due to a bunch of “Thugs.”  But this does a disservice by encouraging one to expediently write-off the depth of what is simmering as something simple and asks us all to look at the left hand, while the right hand makes the “switch.”  Thousands upon thousands of young people burning buildings and tossing cars have something to say – but the British Government doesn’t want to ask the question.  No matter the “mis-direction” of Britain’s leaders, Thuggery is an inadequate explanation for the events we are witnessing.  Unemployment, economic austerity, a crumbling expectation that next year will be better than the last for the disaffected – these are ethos-impacting troubles fueling fires as much as is the molotov… Let’s not leave the performance believing the tiger really turned into a beautiful woman.

Rupert’s Bait & Switch – The “High Road” Below

Of course Rupert Murdoch stole his own headlines today by announcing the imminent demise of “News of The World” for his organization’s spying by hackery.  What we are yet to see is the “new, improved” version complete with semi-related name and close to all the original cast of journalist characters.  Surely some will fall, but don’t expect this money making team to simply disappear in disgust.  We will see them with new titles and even a new look – but the beast within will retain its blood thirst and bring us all the next generation of tabloid entrails.  The marketing scheme behind this move will pay off well beginning NOW as his publicity has gone full viral.  Next time Ruppie suggests we watch for him on the “high road,” be sure to look down.

A Proud History of Scandal

As Mr. Weiner falls on his sword, it made me think about his fellow compatriots in the halls of political sexual scandal.  What pride our politicians take in their peccadillo’… here is a reminder of our elected officials who bravely led the way:

Anthony Weiner (D-NY); Chris Lee, Representative (R-NY); Mark Souder, Representative (R-IN); Eric Massa, Representative (D-NY); Chip Pickering, (R-MS);  Samuel B. Kent, Federal District Judge in Texas; John Ensign Senator (R-NV); John Edwards, Senator (D-NC); Vito Fossella, Representative (R-NY);  Tim Mahoney, Representative (D-FL); Randall L. Tobias, Deputy Secretary of State (R) and former “AIDS Czar;” Larry Craig, Senator (R-ID); David Vitter, Senator (R-LA); Mark Foley, Representative (R-FL): Brian J. Doyle, (R) Deputy Press Secretary of the Department of Homeland SecurityJack Ryan, Senate candidate (R-IL); Don Sherwood, Representative (R-PA);  Richard Gardner (R); Gary Condit, Representative (D-CA); Bill Clinton, President (D-AR); Newt Gingrich, Representative (R-GA);  Robert Livingston, Representative (R-LA); Robert Packwood, Senator (R-OR);  Mel Reynolds, Representative (D-IL); Ken Calvert, Representative (R-CA); Clarence Thomas, Judge (R): Supreme Court; Donald “Buz” Lukens, Representative (R-OH);  Gus Savage (D-IL); Barney Frank (D-MA); Brock Adams (D-WA); Jim Bates (D-CA); Gary Hart, Senator (D-CO); Gerry Studds (D-MA); Dan Crane (R-IL); Jon Hinson (R-MS); Robert Bauman (R-MD); Thomas Evans (R-DE);  Harold Carswell (R); Fred Richmond (D-NY); Wayne Hays (D-OH); John Young, (D-TX); Allan Howe (D-UT); Wilbur Mills (D-AR); John Schmitz (R-CA); Walter Jenkins (D); David I. Walsh.

Who will we elect next to carry the torch?



While Arnold is the dish of the day, and Cannes is neutralizing Nazis, LinkedIn CashedIn this morning on the exchange. I’ll admit it, I use LinkedIn, albeit with a sense of hesitancy and un-surefootedness. Trying to remember the last time something other than a “professionalized” adolescent “Facebook-type” interaction came as a result, I was struck by the realization that I couldn’t even remember the first time something of use came from it.  At this moment it is climbing above $80 per share.  Have we really just become adolescent “facebookers” disguised as adults, selling professional wares, much as adolescents share gossip, music, likes and dislikes?  Or, is it a tool of productivity and commerce? Professional vanity?  Are we buying from each other, or are we all buying from LinkedIn as a randy set of customers?  As with all things digital these days, we need to be onboard this train…even if it might not leave the station.

Beware the “Worm” in your Apple

Millions have been spent to convince the world that a bite of the Apple iPhone is crisp, refreshing and delicious. Wholesome. Innocent. It is your friend. BUT, friends know things about each other – so be prepared to give away yet another personal privacy. Apple is tracking YOUR longitude and latitude throughout your day, and throughout your life. Of course, this information was their little secret – until it was uncovered that your iPhone is documenting your whereabouts every second it is in the “on” position. This should trouble everyone – iPhone user or not. Imagine! Will we see these data points in court someday, allied against us to prove involvement, or intent, or opportunity toward some nefarious act? How will Apple use this information, and why has it been kept secret? Who will be able to access it? Does this practice square with your sense of ethics? Is this illegal search and seizure? Visit YouTube and see what Exeter researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden have dug up. Click Here:
Then email your member of congress and ask why your rights are being abridged.

Beware the worm in your Apple, It bites!

For your elected official’s email, go to

Vision without “Action” is really just Hallucination

Ok, so you have decided, or have been badgered by your boss, to sit down and write a personal vision for your career or maybe it was for your home life?  Maybe your retirement days?  You have developed a good-looking, reasonable idea of what you want it to look like in the next 5-10, 20+ years.  Of course you feel proud – because you have often read about the importance of this step from others over the years, and now you, too, are “one of them.”  Sure, you have developed many such visions for a product or service on the job, but now you have something meaningful directly regarding YOUR own state of intended success. Half-congratulations!  Now comes the difficult part – establishing a logical, specific, measurable, time-limited series of actions and related outcomes to get you there.   So…everything in writing, and posted on the upper corner of your computer screen, iPad, smartphone for easy review, refinement and clarification is the critical next step – lest it become a simple, intellectual game.  Re-thinking and reviewing this plan at least partially each day, no matter the crush of deadlines, ensures you begin and continue to “re-wire” and build new neuropathways in your brain to support and reinforce your behaviors towards your vision.  It is this critical link – action with idea – that makes movement possible.  We are actually changing our brains to support and seek out opportunities specific to our vision.  Leave the Hallucination for the Grateful Dead.  Visit www.PaulCardenas.Com to “see” into your future.

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