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How long does Executive Coaching last?

Coaching length depends on the individual or organizational goals established early on in the coaching experience.  While some individuals benefit most from a relationship lasting a year or more, many coaching relationships tail-off after achievement of the targeted outcomes.

What topics are off-limits?

No topics are off-limits.  Personal and professional coaching demands an open and honest exchange regarding the many dimensions of one’s circumstances.

How will we know if it is working?

We will establish key measurable and clearly observable outcomes based on your own specific needs, and we will monitor our progress together to make adjustments along the way.

Will others know of my participation?

Most coaching is confidential, and nobody else will know of your involvement unless you wish it known.  This protects you and allows you to freely engage in the coaching process.

Will we meet in person, and how often?

This varies from individual to individual.  You can expect to meet face to face at least once or twice per month, with intermittent telephone, email or teleconferencing interaction.  Very challenging circumstances often necessitate weekly meetings.

How much can I expect to invest for my Coaching?

You or your organization will pay a reasonable fee for services you receive.  These may be hourly, monthly or annualized rates, and they will be based upon actual face to face or electronic time spent with your coach.  A quick telephone call to discuss your particular interest is all it takes to narrow down a path and related cost.  The preventive power coaching affords often pays-back manifold in problems alleviated or career threats avoided.

Can we work together over the phone or other electronic means?

Yes!  Telephone and electronic methods are very important methods to be sure you have quick and convenient access.  These can be scheduled or by emergency.  In this way, unexpected or other critical junctures can be accommodated.

Can I cover costs of service through my organization?

Yes!  It is very common for an individual within an organization to use a company credit card or purchase order.  More detailed contracts are common for broader organizational arrangements.

Can you help my team members and keep me informed?

We can make it easy for you to understand how your team is progressing and how to maximize their growth.   The specifics of what information may be shared is agreed upon in writing, upfront, by all participants.

I am constantly faced with Spur of the Moment crises – can you assist on short notice?

Whether it is an emergency or a situation on which you need a dispassionate third party perspective, PaulCardenas.Com is ready by phone, email and teleconference to work-through those challenges that demand immediate attention.

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