How we’ll approach things…

Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

A few common examples…

“Communication between myself and my team is frustrating – sometimes communication ‘short-circuits’ and as a result expectations are not met”

We will identify and clarify how the conveyance of expectations through written, spoken and physical means will improve expected outcomes, and we will assess and hybrid your own personal style to maximize clarity

“Criticism of my work has been couched as feedback, it seems harsh and unreasonable”

We will deconstruct the assumptions and evidence of the criticism to identify in a non-judgmental fashion the actual behaviors, intentions and beliefs that are the foundation of the critique. Then we will set forth specific strategies and tactics that prevent situations, decisions and events that give rise to such criticism, while also protecting you from having criticism used to affect you in a less than honorable way

“I have been promoted to a new level of responsibility and must be up to the task”

We will determine the key indicators of success in the new role and develop an understanding of the personal and professional resources necessary to exceed the expected outcomes, and then we will strategize clear and measurable steps that will ensure attainment of those outcomes

“Our company is beginning to work with multiple countries, and I am unsure about how to interact with varying cultures and their ways of doing business”

We will build a plan for learning and engaging customers in the countries you will be working with over the coming months and years, and we will establish a solid foundation of acceptable and honored practices that will elevate your understanding and your acceptance by others. We will generate specific skill sets based on anthropological evidence that will demonstrate your genuine appreciation of others, allowing you to more rapidly build real trust

“I am starting to “drop the ball” on some tasks because of this tremendous workload”

We will explore the distinctions between varying levels and priorities of task responsibilities and assess personal and staff resources that are or may be made available through a variety of strategies, so that monitoring, oversight and accountability may become more effective

“Some under my Leadership have not risen to the Levels I expected of them, and everyone on my team needs to be the strongest link”

We will itemize and prioritize those specific behaviors, values & practices essential for membership in the team, and we will develop measurable behavioral and productivity outcomes in concert with the team members. We will explore push and pull factors or competing interests that intervene and either prevent or promote specific practices

“I have a strong personality and presence… I sometimes can ‘put people off’ at work or at home, even though my interest and intention is good and honorable”

We will deconstruct your self perception and the purposes your personal characteristics serve at work and at home. We will develop an inventory of characteristics you aspire to, and we will develop specific behavior sets that will promote a gradual growth in these areas. Through exploration of thinking patterns that promote, or prevent, expression and behavior leading to your desired characteristics, we will identify and monitor methods to enact changes daily

“My motivation level is waning, and I need to reinvigorate my level of enthusiasm at work”

We will inventory the personal & political factors and other influences promoting personal satisfaction and drive, and we will assess thinking patterns that may ‘cycle’ into non-productive or destructive thoughts. And we will develop specific, time measured, approaches to build, day to day, energy, enthusiasm and meaningfulness.

“I’m reorganizing my team, and I’m not sure all players are a good fit”

We will deconstruct the team’s purposes and the assumed skills and collaborative characteristics of each member to develop a synergy-inducing combination of members, while also identifying strategies to build-up capability among members who may have diminished capacities relative to the general and specific tasks at hand. We will develop longer term plans that gradually generate self-awareness and motivation among team members that do not fit well into establish goals.

“I sense a need to change our Organizational Culture so we can be more effective in many areas”

We will conduct an Organizational Culture Audit to inventory the perceived and actual social, practice and structural characteristics of the organization, and we will assess their usefulness and desirability against jointly developed criteria. From this foundation of understanding we will envision the overarching culture your organization seeks to attain, the relative resistance that can be expected, and specific tactics and behaviors that will gradually introduce and reinforce a more effective culture for the organization

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