Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

Our work together will be based upon your interests and needs.  We play to your strengths while stocking your personal toolbox. You enjoy a spirited, challenging and mind-flexing experience. In a word – Thrive!



What is it?

First, we’ll create an inventory of the precise concerns & interests you have.  We’ll explore the assumptions and outcomes of each, and we’ll craft a thoughtful approach for addressing these issues.

We will develop reasonable benchmarks, and together we’ll work through accomplishing them. YOUR style, desires and vision will drive our journey.Imagine having an insightful confidant in your corner?  You breakthrough and THRIVE.


  • Confidential one-to-one skill building
  • Conflict prevention and resolution with challenging coworkers
  • Effectively challenging the assumptions of your superiors
  • Creating balance between the office and home life
  • Eliminating preconceptions and cyclical thinking
  • Profound personal & professional career visioning
Small Groups or Teams

  • Assistance on writing impactful documents
  • Preparation and delivery of powerful and moving talks and speeches
  • Hands-on, experiential special seminars for groups (multiple subjects)
  • Meaningful and powerfully moving inspirational presentations

  • Professional “short course” and “deep course” materials
  • Develop loyal and steadfast alliances
  • Third party objective analysis
  • Organizational vision development
  • Profit-producing evidence-based evaluation

Our Methods = Your Growth

“Change is coming to my organization – some planned and some as a knee-jerk reaction. My role in shaping this change is minimal, but the effects will impact myself and my team greatly.”

We will identify and map strategies and tactics that are practical and that will position your role to be a key influencer and interpreter of change

“Criticism of my work has been couched as feedback, it seems harsh and unreasonable”

We will deconstruct the assumptions and evidence of the criticism to identify in a non-judgmental fashion the actual behaviors, intentions and beliefs that are the foundation of the critique. Then we will set forth specific strategies and tactics that prevent situations, decisions and events that give rise to such criticism, while also protecting you from having criticism used to affect you in a less than honorable way.

“I have a strong personality and presence… I sometimes can “put people off” at work or at home, even though my interest and intention is good and honorable.”

We will deconstruct your self perception and the purposes your personal characteristics serve at work and at home. We will develop an inventory of characteristics you aspire to, and we will develop specific behavior sets that will promote a gradual growth in these areas. Through exploration of thinking patterns that promote, or prevent, expression and behavior leading to your desired characteristics, we will identify and monitor methods to enact changes daily. SEE MORE EXAMPLES

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How to get started

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