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Do these Real-World topics ring a bell?  Highly interactive workshops to navigate the sea of business…

Click on any of the issue areas below to see exciting workshops.  They can be provided on-site as stand-alone growth opportunities, or they may be clustered for a fuller experience.

Sustaining Leadership & Intellectual Agility

Gaining Professional Recognition

Energetic, Visionary Smalll Groups & Teams

Navigating the Organizational Social Enviroment

Profiting through Optimum Evaluation

Courage Through Personal and Semi-Therapeutic Reflection

Life-Long Alliances and Collaboration

Producing Young Managers Series

Workshop Structure

All workshops are highly interactive, involving challenging and throught-provoking behavioral simulations where participants not only learn key skills, but also put them into practice in a group context.  Each workshop is combined with brief advanced reading as well as follow-up homework as a vehicle for further assessing growth and understanding.  Creative adult learning principles ensure the fullest understanding and retention.  The workshop materials include a series of PDF guide-sheets that distill and exemplify the most core principles of each topic area. These are designed for developing a quick and easy understanding of the state of the art thinking in the content area.

Full Course & Practicum

For organizations and individuals that can make a longer term commitment, the workshops are combined with individualized or small group follow-up coaching and technical assistance.  This powerful approach can dramatically increase the productivity return on investment.  2,3 or even 4 follow-up sessions together with evidenced based evaluation procedures ensures maximization of your precious resources.

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Custom Workshops & Webinars

You have an idea. You have some new plans. You perceive an organization-wide need. You not only want to communicate it to your folks in a way that will get and keep their attention, but you want them to EMBRACE it. Let us take your workshop ideas or needs and make them fly.

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