Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

Imagine your company being as passionate about ideas as you are? The culture of your organization determines its agility and its drive.  Enhancing capability and creativity squeezes more out of every opportunity.

Organizational Culture

Within minutes of walking in the door you have a sense of what is and is not possible.  The values, attitudes and expectations hit you like a sledge hammer.  Does your organization value creativity?  Learning?  Sharing? Respect?  Are the “unwritten” codes of conduct promoting solutions?  Productivity? Growth?


Teams can be proactive or staid.  When teams understand, trust and empathize with fellow members, focus and genuine collaboration is born.  Members who understand their own strengths and weaknesses, styles and predelictions  respond more productively and openly to others.  Synergy is produced.

Young Managers Program

Young managers are often full of juice and have the energy and interest to move fast in the organization.  Investment in them is critical.  Molding and shaping young managers will make them flourish.   Demonstrate your commitment to their longevity and development, and it will build essential loyalty.


Evaluation is the art and science of understanding and predicting actions and results.  Using information in “real-time” makes for wiser decisions – those not based on conjecture, but upon evidence.  Whether we are influencing customers, workers, or entire communities, we do a better job when we evaluate our work.


We learn by doing. Training though hands-on “simulation,” provides meaningful practice in putting ideas to work.  “Talking head” trainings create passive and disconnected workers.  We reconfigure, redesign and deliver trainings that engage, energize and Motivate to Content™.

Program Development

Programs, plans and strategies that are “evidence-based” create organizational wealth.  Observable, measurable well-defined outcomes and a logic model of how to achieve them, are most powerful tools.  Whether delivering a service or a product, integration of these tools builds success.

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