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Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

Here are a series of essential real-world learning topics proven to produce results immediately. Do these issues sound like those you face? Get a handle on them now to manage your future.

Sustaining leadership & Intellectual Agility

The 10 Powers for Maximizing on your Own Leadership Strengths,

The 7 “Mental Wages” your Employees Need

The Unlimited Process of Strategic Thinking

The 5 Proven Factors in Assumption & Accuracy of Interpretation

Gaining Professional Recognition

The Little-Known Methods for ensuring Security through Making yourself Indispensable,

The 10 Most Essential Steps in Building your Case for Promotion

Why Self-Promotion is Not Just for Lady Gaga

The 10 vehicles for becoming a “Star” in your Organization or Industry

Energetic Small Groups & Teams

The 7 Breakthrough Methods for Mentoring a Team

The Principles of the Power of Observation at Work

The Invaluable Process for How to Receive and Understand Feedback like a “Pro,”

The 3-Month Plan for Fast & Meaningful Team Building,

The 6 Arts of Protecting your Position and Team in a Painful Economy

Navigating the Organizational Social Environment

The Everyday Guide to Staying Ahead of Office Politics,

The 5 Typologies of Saboteurs, and how to Manage them

The key facets of Managing Diversity,

The 5 Tools for Rewiring “Short Circuits” in your Organizational Culture

Results Through Optimum Evaluation

The Growth-Oriented Techniques of Measuring Yourself and Your Staff,

The 4 Proven Preparations of “Right Sizing” and “Down Sizing Strategies”

The Coming Innovations and Futurism in Business

The 6 Productivity-Increasing Keys to Recognizing and Promoting Imagination and Creativity,

Evidence-Based Methods of Judging and Measuring Quality

Life-Long Alliances and Collaboration

Techniques for Getting Elected Officials to Work towards Your Business Interests,

Insightful Actions that put Gender Issues to work for You,

The 9 Interpersonal Vehicles for Mentoring your Superiors,

The Breakthrough Stages of Engaging Governmental Relations and Marketing,

The Essential Practices for Alliance Building from Within and Without

Producing Young Managers Series

The 6 Powerf-Skills for giving Feedback so it is relayed Meaningfully,

The Underused Powers of Storytelling in Business, the office and at home.

The essential “tack” for Riding a Maverick to Success

Courage Through Personal and Semi-Therapeutic Reflection

At Peace with my Career and my Spouse,

My Children vs. My Career,

Befriending Fellow Employees and Building Loyalty

Communicating with my Spouse,

I’m Stuck in a Rut, and I Can’t get Out

My Stress relief methods are not the healthiest

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