What We’ve Done

Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

Exciting, interesting and forward-looking programs and activities.  Here are a just a few examples:

  • We have helped organizations understand and gain entre’ into cultural, linguistic and ethnic markets through the use of ethnographic audits – a methodical, evidence-based  approach to collecting the right information to determine how subgroups of customers perceive their world.  We help you to develop strategies that truly resonate.
  • We have realigned inside training materials, processes to better engage workers with the purposes of the trainings.  Whether services or product oriented, we have built energetic, motivational designs that have transformed the “necessary evil” of training into something people crave, look forward to and value.  Your company, your people, thrive.
  • How do you get where you’re going, if you are not sure where it is?  We help develop vision, with strategies that take you there.  We harness diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of your staff and synergize into meaningful plans and approaches.  You exploit the value and strength of ALL your personnel resources to accomplish goals.
  • We have guided the development of forward looking teams.  Teams that think beyond the limited conventions of their training and experience.  We helped establish cultures of shared learning, mutual encouragement and group-ownership, where group achievement is the norm & most valued outcome.Converting bosses to leaders, whom others wish to emulate as a direct reflection of the value of leading by example.
  • Teaching leaders to listen and question multi-dimensionally, leading to understanding.  Co-workers genuinely feel heard, and respond with trust and loyalty.  Leaders become visionaries and inspire.
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