Why Us

Technical Assistance and Training for People Moving Fast

We stoke the fires of your passion and create profound growth.

Our approach

Through one-on-one, telephone, electronic and web-based individualized sessions,  we make in-roads to change personal, professional and family practices.  Strategies are developed, implemented and monitored so you receive YOUR desired results.

What’s being said

My work with Paul brought me to a point where I value our group as a coherent learning organization.”

– James J. Lister, Ph.D. – Health Systems Executive


Our values

What is truly “valued” drives purpose in all that one does.  Our work together will always benefit from honoring these values.

  • Honor differences of learning style
  • Respect all people
  • Do not judge, but do evaluate
  • Deliver over and above the expectation
  • In all tasks, build capacity and capability
  • Treat all with honesty and transparency
  • Be punctual and prepared
  • Listen first to understand
  • Recognize and reinforce creativity

What we’ve done

Exciting, interesting and forward-looking programs and activities.  Here are a just a few examples:

  • We have guided the development of forward looking teams.  Teams that think beyond the limited conventions of their training and experience.  We have helped establish cultures of shared learning, mutual encouragement and group-ownership where group achievement is the norm & most valued outcome.
  • Converting bosses to leaders whom others wish to emulate as a direct reflection of the value of leading by example… Teaching leaders to listen and question multi-dimensionally leading to understanding.  Co-workers genuinely feel heard, and respond with trust and loyalty.  Leaders become visionaries and inspire.  READ MORE


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